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High Performance



Keenan Curry is a coach as well as mentor to elite athletes, their parents, coaches and leaders. He consults on topics such as performance, strategy, mindset, and execution. Coach Curry’s knowledge comes from his experience as a coach on the high school and collegiate level as well as being a recruiter for 8 years. Keenan has worked with NBA, Olympic, and international players, as well as with some of the top high school coaches in the country, cultivating a consistent and persistent pursuit of high-performance. With this, Keenan’s ability to mentor athletes of all ages is unmatched and he is ready to mentor your athlete to reach their fullest potential.


Specify Positional Opportunities Tactically and

Hard work and talent can win games, but preparation is the separation
between those who play the game and those who own their
game. SPOTS is a unique and meticulous program that is
designed to help players master their craft by providing a
one-on-one breakdown of their game film with Coach Keenan Curry.

Meetings are flexible and can be scheduled in-person, or
through Zoom.
- 12 Games
- 24 Games


The Feed

A program for high school teams led by Keenan
Curry. From their own gyms, teams/organizations will learn more
efficient, focused, and energized team strategy rooted in high
performance, mindset, and execution. Keenan Curry is a former
collegiate as well as high school head coach. He has numerous
years of experience consulting coaches, players, and parents
through the process of consistent and persistent high


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