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At FEED Your Game Academy we are HUNGRY TO GROW and HUNGRY TO GIVE, meaning that we are eager for success and eager to bring it to you. To decide if this is the place for you to take your game and your life to the next level and become the person you desire to be, your first session is free. By filling out the questionnaire, you are giving us the information we need to get to the core of how to help you in your journey to success. This is your time to FEED Your Game and we can’t wait to support you in the progressive development of your mind, body, and craft, for massive transformation in your INNER game.


Contact our team with any questions and to schedule your first free session.

What We Include in The FEED Your Game Skills Academy

Small Group

  • 5- 10 Clients

  • 2 -Sessions/Week

  • Film Session

  • 1/Month Opportunity Mentorship with an FYGA Coach

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Makeup Sessions


Semi-Private Group

  • 2- 4 Clients

  • 2 - Sessions/Week

  • Film Sessions

  • 1/Month Mentorship with Keenan

  • 1/Month Client Evaluation

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Makeup Sessions


FYGA Youth Clinic

  • 1/Week 60 mins Group Session

  • Fundamental Movements Development

  • Basketball Fundamentals

  • Skills and Play

  • 3rd - 5th Grade

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